Thursday, April 30, 2009


So I had a wonderful friend take some amazing pictures of my kiddos, while my mom and dad are out of commission! She did so great, she had Gabe posing in ways that my mom and I could have never! When we started I told her "don't worry about getting any of Gabe" I didn't want to make him made and I was more concerned about Ella. I had tons of studio pics of her and I hadn't gotten around to printing them off yet! It makes my stomach hurt to think about the cute ones I lost BUT then I am reminded of everything my family lost! How can I complain!
If you want to see my little cuties pictures they are on the Bean's Photo Website.

Thanks a million Brittany! You are a God send!

Yesterday we made a trip to see Dr. Ruff! Gabe had his two year check-up and Ella's 4month check-up.

So Ella went first and he said she was doing wonderful! She was 13lbs 12oz and 243/4inches long. She is two pounds less and two inches shorter then Gabe was at 4months. Still measuring in the 50th percentile.

Then it was Gabes turn! He was meeting all his milestones that Dr.Ruff was asking me about and then came the bad news.... ANOTHER EAR INFECTION! I had no clue.. he had no cold and no fever! HOWEVER, he wasn't sleeping well at all for me. NO WONDER! The poor little guy. He has been a different child since I found out and I have been giving him ibprophen until the meds kick in. He hit the 30lb mark! Go Gabers!

All in all the visit was good. I am glad we discovered the ear infection. I am sad Ella had to get her shots! (i always dread this the whole week before it happens) She has been running a low temp and been crancky today. Poor sissy!

We have had a busy week and we are trying to get last minute things ready for Gabes party. Pictures to follow soon!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Gabes Big Day

Gabe's birthday was yesterday! The big number TWO! I cant believe two years have come and gone. Seems like just yesterday that we were snuggling with him in the hospital room.

He has developed such a personality over the last few months... I LOVE IT! I also love how much he can communicate with us now days! His newest is "sorby"... "sorry". So sweet! The amazing thing is not only did he learn the word but he uses it in the right context. Kids are amazing! They soak things up like little sponges. Speaking of sponges... the day has come where we also have to be careful of what we say... yes, he is now repeating us! The other night at the dinner table my dad jokingly said "dang you" and what do you know our little man said "dang you" before we knew it! YIKES.... It has made me rethink my choice of words more then once! he he

So Gabe had a wonderful birthday yesterday. We tried to make the day extra special... his party is going to be next weekend, so those pictures are to come! Here is his day... I tried to document everything we did!

He woke up to a present and balloons in the living room. He was so excited when he saw it that he started running laps around it!

This is him running laps around the present and kicking the balloons "real high"!

More celebrating......

NEW SAND TOYS!!!! he was saying "mom op"="mom open"

Examining the toys inside....

A "tar mom"= "car mom"! He was thrilled!

checking out the shovels!

Just as we were ready to go out the door to see daddy... the ups man came with a special delivery for GABE! One of my best friends, ariel, who lives in Colorado sent gabe some presents! He was SO excited to open the box.

She sent bath the look on his face!

And his all time favorite.... a BALL! Thanks SO much ariel. You helped make his day so special!

Moving on to see daddy at school...
When we arrived daddy had presents and a balloon! As you can guess the balloon has been his gift of choice! Silly boy... In the first sack he found another sand toy... a dump truck. In the other was some yummy fruit snacks. Easy to please...huh!

He loves watching bits and pieces of Finding Nemo now... so he was excited to see Nemo on the box.

His lunch consisted of two different stops in town. McDonalds for the cheeseburger and KFC for some corn and mac and cheese!

Gabe and daddy being silly!

Cupcake time! He was so intrigued by the candles.

sweet boy


Licking off those fingers...

Our family...

Getting daddy....

After lunch with daddy we stopped by the Power House to say hi to Nanno (my dad). When he woke up yesterday morning the first thing he said to me was "mom, go bye, Nanno". Nanno had told him he could come to his house to play outside and blow bubbles..... he had remembered!

When we got home we played outside a little while before nap time!

Sissy wanted in a picture....

My big boy... I can't believe hes two...

After nap we headed to Nannos for some time outside and then off to Gabes favorite....Mi Pueblo. His favorite dish is rice and beans and has been since he could eat them.

I asked Jerry to play the birthday song for him and then told him I don't know if he will like the hat.... well as you can see he loved the hat, song, clapping, and attention. He wasn't sure what to do at first but then came the icecream... he knew exactly what to do with it!

After Mi Pueblo we headed back to Nannos for some more outside time. Then Nanna and Nanno presented him with his chair! He LOVED it as you can see from these next pictures.

Talking to sis about his new chair!

I LOVE this moment caught on camera!

ella loves her big brother gabe....

All in all I believe my little man had a wonderful day. I tried my hardest to make it special and he seemed to appreciate everything. He is such a sweetie. I am so blessed to be his mom.
Happy Birthday Big Boy GABE!
Mommy and Daddy love you very much!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Late Night Fun...updated two nights ago i started this new post and then put my kids to bed and forgot about it! My sweet husband found it the next morning and posted it for me.... however, i wanted to add a few more pictures so here they are. We arrived home late the other night and all crashed in our bed for some lovin time. This is what became of it:

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

wonderful weekend

We had a wonderful weekend with our families. We enjoyed good food, hunting eggs, laughing together, telling stories, and much more! Gabe really enjoyed the easter egg hunts this year! I was just as excited as he was:) So here are some pictures to show of our fun...
ps... i am so dissappointed because i have been unable to pull pictures off of snapfish... let me explain, my camera was being used for other purposes so i used my MIL camera and then uploaded them to snapfish, so they weren't uploaded to my comupter and i can't get it to work! so their are lots of pics missing.... maybe i can get my hubby to figure it out! Until then I hope you enjoy these.
Easter egg hunt with Dawson and Reghan... Dawson was showing Gabe what a REAL egg is! These didn't have candy in them and he was so confused!

Going to show Nanna what he found.. he was so proud!

Found one MOM!

Ella playing with her new toy from Nanna and Nanno (my parents)
Oh and by the way .... this wasn't Ella's easter outfit... this was actually her 3rd outfit for the day! lots of spiting up! I will also post some picts of her in her outfit sometime soon!

Gabe showing Ella how "this" toy works... you have to shake it Ella!

Sweet baby girl!

All Smiles

Ellas first Easter!

Ok mom thats enough!

Gabe checking out his goodies from his momma and dada.

"chit-chin" momma a "chit-chin"

Baskets for Ella and Gabe from Andre and I

Playing with his new toys from Nanno (my dad)

Nanna and Ella posing with Ella's new toy!

The boys working hard.....Gabe is paitiently awaiting!

Look momma! A new car!