Saturday, June 28, 2008

Hello World!!!!!

I actually had a few free moments to get online! First off I just want to thank EVERYONE for all of your prayers! God is so GOOD... he is seeing us through! If it weren't for the prayers we wouldn't be where we are today. You all are so amazing and I have been so blessed! It brings tears to my eyes to see how many people care for us. I am still making great progress... today I walked with a platform walker! It is a walker on wheels and it allows me to put most of my weights on my arms if needed. It was hard but I was proud of my self! I walked about 100 feet! Yeah! So needless to say I was exhausted and took a two hour nap today! Our bodies are a truely amazing thing! The healing process is crazy! As for me I am just doing fine and I am fighting as hard as I can so I can go home as soon as I can!
Gabe will be having his ventilator removed either on Monday or Tuesday. On Monday he is considered an add on so if they don't get to him he will go in on Tuesday! PLEASE be praying for healing! If he is healed they will take it out it and will be only a matter of days until he comes home. (if he isn't healed then there will be other measures taken) HOWEVER, we are believing his is HEALED! So thanks again for all of the prayer and keep them up please! We really appreciate them. I will try to update as much as I can!

Thanks again... I have no way of expressing my gratitude!!!!!!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Haircuts and Grandma Great....

Gabes First Haircut...

We all headed to Amber Jo's to make Gabe's first haircut a family event! ( I would have never tried it without Andre) However, Gabe did a great job! He did a lot better then I expected. He was fine with everything until he discovered he couldn't find his hands. Then he was a bit upset until we found a graham cracker to satisfy him for the end of the cut. He did it! And it looks so great! I also decided to get my hair cut. She actually cut off 7 inches! Wow! I am excited to have a nice short summer cut. Thank you Amber Jo!

Look at that long hair!

Daddy decided to hold Gabe so he might do better...and he did great!

Not to sure of whats going on.....

Having a graham cracker to pacify the time!

Mommy and Gabe with their new styles!

Grandma Great......

After getting our haircuts we went by to visit Grandma Great (Andre's Grandma Swartzentruber). Gabe had fun looking at her kittys, swinging, and having cookies. It is good to have a visit with her! Grandma Great said Gabe looked like a little shorty walking around. She was tickled to see him moving.

Gabe is WALKING!

Gabe has finally decided to take off walking! I have been waiting on this day for about 2 and a half months. Gabe started taking steps in March but just was never brave enough to take off by himself. On Monday evening we were visiting friends in Northern Indiana and we went to the mall and let the kiddos play in the play place. Gabe was walking all over the place and every day since he has gotten braver. Today he is making laps around the house! I cannot believe it! Another reason I am thrilled.... Gabe never crawled so this is the first time in 13 months he has decided to move on his own. I just walk behind him in amazement! I am taking it all in and he is so thrilled to discover things on his own.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Good Times with Family and Friends!

Catching up....

On Saturday evening we went to Stephanie and Clint's house for dinner and playing. Brandi and Nathanial were there also. I didn't do a great job of taking pictures but I thought this one was really cute. Gabe was giving Aspen her paci that she had dropped. We really enjoyed our eveing and didn't want to leave!

On Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday we headed to Northern Indiana to visit with some friends. The Adam's family. Jeremy, Bri, Addy (who is 2), and Gavin (who is 2 months). We really enjoyed watching the kids play and we adults enjoyed our conversations and relaxi

Gabe being silly in the car.... he did so good for the 5 hour ride!

Gabe trying some chicken parm.... as you can tell.

Gabe and Addy playing well together..

Gabe and daddy checking out Gavin...

Gabe being sweet!

Gabe playing peek-a-boo with me at the mall.

Gabe and daddy having a good ol time!

Gabe and mommy taking a ride.

Gabe and Addy watching their daddies load up the car.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Kissin Kousins

Tonight we enjoyed a relaxing evening with Alex (Andre's oldest brother), Tera, Braylee, and Brynna. We had dinner together and then the kids had fun playing outside while we adults were able to sit around and visit. Family truely is a blessing! (My husband wrote the captions for the pictures tonight!)

Gabe: "I wish this thing had a motor and a gas pedal!"
Brynna: "I wonder if I got going high enough if I could
clear this fence?"
Braylee: "62 white dandelions....63.....64......65....."

Gabe: "Come a little closer my pretties so I can
test out my rocket arm with these pebbles!"

Braylee and Brynna hurry to build before
the destructive force (Gabe) strikes!

Brynna and Gabe talk about the historical
upcoming presidential election as they enjoy the
view of downtown Washington through the chain-link fence.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Working Outside

A little update from Sunday.... Gabe helped daddy plant some more black-eyed susans in our yard. Then we went to Gramma and Pappy's for pizza and work. We had a pizza picnic at with Braylee and Brynna. After having some pizza Andre helped Marv relocate some bushes for Lou while Gabe played in the water bucket to cool himself off. He had a blast!

Gabe helping daddy plant the flowers.

Check out Gabe's bib that Gramma gave him!

The whole crew except for Andre who took the pic.

Gabe soaking himself!

Having so much fun splashing in the water!

Gabe taking a ride with daddy!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Summer is Finally Here!

Daddy finally gets to spend more time with us! School is out and Baseball is over! It is so nice having him around a little more these last few days. So where do I begin.... time has slipped away from me! Well Thursday we went with Andre to Vincennes because he had a Beta meeting. So Gabe and I went to Khol's to look around. Then on the way home we stopped for some icecream and Gabe had a ball feeding himself! (as you can see in the pics) On Friday we went swimming at my aunt and uncles pool. Gabe wasn't to sure of the water because it was a little cool yet. So he enjoyed having a snack (with is great aunt Jolene) and walking around instead. On Saturday we did all kinds of work including: getting a new washer and dryer, landscaping, running errands, and having company last night. All the while, Gabe was teething and letting us know about it.. it must have been pretty painful because he was not a happy camper! Today we are just relaxing and tonight we are going to my mom and dads for my dads birthday dinner. We have had a good last couple of days and here are some picts to show of it!