Thursday, January 28, 2010

Playing in our PJ's

This morning we were lounging around so I decided to play around with my dads camera..... highly contemplating getting something along the same lines..... And here is what I came up with!
Cute little boy!
Dazed little boy and a little girl who "knows what shes talking about!"


He was trying to spin around so I could not get his pic but I was to speedy! ha

Check out that hair! (and sass)

Sweetie girl on the go!

Telling me exactly what she was holding! look at that mouth formation!

Decided to take a break and have some hair for a snack!

She thinks baby needs a bath! (in the washing machine!)

Her brother is trying to gently advise her otherwise. Explaining that "baby " might not make it through!

She challenges him and says let's see! And......

"baby" survives!!!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Snow days are....







Thursday, January 7, 2010

Christmas Recap...

Christmas festivities:

Christmas Eve Morning we enjoyed watching the kids open their present from us. We let them open our gift early this year because both sets of grandparents bought them items to go with their kitchen, so we thought it would be nice for them to know exactly what was going on.

Christmas Eve Night: We kept with tradition and did my families christmas with candy making (in the afternoon), dinner, fam pics, and presents. I was excited to host this year!

the whole gang

the gals

the guys

taryn enjoying the sight of her new camera

josh enjoying his new helment

mom and dad looking at the scrapbook we made of their wedding. thanks to family for the pics

gabe and ella enjoying thier chairs.. ella was so excited when she saw hers

nanno and nanna are pooped

gabe enjoying his new ride from his uncles and taryn

ella's first christmas

her first purse

Christmas Morning: We enjoyed a visit from uncle Adam and Pappy. They played with the kids while mommy baked cupcakes and goodies for Ella's birthday party. We enjoyed the moring around the house. That evening we headed off to the Swartzentruber Christmas (husbands/moms side). There we enjoyed food, talent show, and grandma great.

Grandma Great Swartzentruber and the knepp grands

The day after Christmas: We enjoyed our day with Andre's side of the family. We opened presents, enjoyed good food, napped, played games,and ate again.

Pappy, Gramma, and the grands

Ellas new booster

Her first babydoll stroller

Kitchen supplies

Ella lovin Gramma

Playing with uncle Adam and his new train track

The kids and all of their chairs (notice ella she has her chair mastered)

braylee being silly

We loved our time with family and friends.