Friday, September 21, 2012


So this ol lady did some things she has never done before, last weekend.
In all my thirty years I have never flown by myself before...
Yes I was really nervous, mostly due to the switch-a-roo in Atlanta.
But the Lord went before me and prepared my path and I DID IT!
I arrived in Texas around 4.30 and Taddy picked me up at the airport.
We headed straight to the BIG city to surprise one special lady!
This was Taddy's gift to Ariel for her big 30 but little did he know it blessed
me just as much as it blessed Ariel...
So refreshing!!!!!
(she had no clue i was coming!)

This was my view on the way to San Antiono!  

Taddy and I went to her building and walked right into her office with no announcement! 
I have never seen anyones eyes get so BIG!
Pictures after the big reveal!!!!
yep, there were some tears but mostly just a mushy brain!
She was mush for the rest of the evening!

 After we surprised her at work we all enjoyed an amazing meal out and 
then back to the homestead to see the layout!
 And of course we stayed up LATE talking away, like girls do!

Friday morning, Ariel showed me a smaller suburbs of San Antonio that she is in love with.
New Brunfels and Gruene
She is right these two places are AMAZING...
Like right out of a magazine!
The river is behind us...
It was beautiful!

The small town of Gruene...
It was SO cute.

The oldest dance hall in Texas!

We had lunch here... wow, wow, wow!

The walk back to the building! Its behind the trees...

Right over the doorway... Its an old barn looking building.
It was the coolest restaurant I have ever eatin in!

some of our lunch!


This is what it looked like where we at... the river was right beyond the railing!

If I were to do my wedding over agian it would be in Texas! 
Look at this ... just simply beautiful!

This resteraunt was so cool too...
We stopped by here to have some dessert just so I could see the inside of the building.
For some reason I only have one pic from the inside!

The entrance to the resteraunt... 
you would have never known if you had not been 
there before.

delish... keylime pie, baby!

After the suburbs we headed to the big city to the mexican themed shops..
I loved all of the color!

Downtown San Antionio was a perfect place for pics..
To bad I could not fly my kids in just to take some pics of them in this city!

This is Ariel's skyscrapper of a work place!

After the markets we headed to the riverwalk.
One of the most amazing places ever.
If you google San Antiono Riverwalk you will see what I mean!

The amazing mall on the river!


 This hotel is the only one built like this ever...
The dude died and took the patient to the grave!

On Saturday we headed back down town to get some more city sites!!!

Another amazing lunch!!!
Their salsa was to die for....

 Our view during lunch..

looking the other way...

The Alamo....

Tower of Americas...

And sadly enough Sunday came.
But there was not a let down, lunch was amazing once agian!