Tuesday, May 19, 2009

She did it!!!!

Ella rolled over last night! I was sitting right next to her and she bumped me... I looked at my dad (who had big eyes) and said "did she just roll over?" He said YES! He witnessed her first roll. Yeah sissy!
So she rolled from her tummy to her back...... then my brother said "has she ever rolled from her back to her belly?" I told him she can get real close but hasn't done it yet. He then proceeded to tell me " she just did"! Silly girl, mommy didn't get to see either of the first rolls!
She rolled both ways and her momma couldn't have been more proud!
action shot....
looking at her crazy momma who was going crazy!
celebrating by playing with toes!
you go girl!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Just hanging out....

Haven't been up to much.... just hanging out! Here are the pictures to tell the story.

This is their favorite spot when mommy is working in the kitchen.

Nothing like love....
My little man has discovered wearing sunglasses on his eyes instead of around his neck. He decided he wanted to be like daddy one day and daddy was wearing his glasses on his eyes.

mommy and sissy playing on the couch.

sissy laughing.....

sisssy boxing...

visiting with grandma great...gabe was being her buddy because she gave him a snickers bar.

my sweeties with grandma zetta

playig with grandma greats toys

playing with one of grandma greats rattles

Gramma gave Ella her first barbie.

Mom took me to get a manicure and pedicure. It was so relaxing!

Thanks mom!

Marsha gave Gabe a belated birthday present. He loves it... a leappad.

Uncle Adam stopped by to give Gabe a belated birthday gift.... A baseball tee. Gabe loves it too!

He hasn't mastered it yet, but he loves it.

Monday, May 4, 2009


Ella's first time in the jumperoo! She loved it! Her big brother Gabe was telling her all about it. He loved helping her jump.

Getting the jumperoo back out brought back some memories of last summer..... after Gabe came home from Riley he couldn't walk, bc he had laid in a bed for 3 and half weeks, so we thought we would get the jumperoo back out for him. He loved it and it was definately an aid in getting his leg strength built back up!

Gabe helping Ella figure things out.

Ella loving her new toy.

Gabe helped us do some things to get ready for his party throughout last week. Here are some pictures to document his helping hand. By the way his favorite saying right now is "myself". So he wanted no help in doing anything.

Helping me mix up his cupcakes.

Helping daddy paint the puppet show box.

Ella being an observer.

Paint time.

SIDE NOTE: funny story to explain the next three pics. Gabe and Andre were playing ball. So the ball lands in the cupcake icing! Gabe thought it was great... He then wanted daddy to like off the ball.... he then realizex the icing is good and licks it himself.

Testing out the finished product.

Gabe's Great Big Green
Puppet Show
Birthday Party!

We really enjoyed our time with family and friends Sunday evening. The rain held off for us just a bit. We were able to eat outside... then came inside for the puppet show production! I was excited to see the kiddos enjoy Andre and Taryn(Joshs girlfriend) being silly.

Gabes cake

The food table


treat bags

tortatillini salad

cheese ball

fruit kabobs

pulled pork

The back yard...

Gabes presents

Gabe and cousin Brynna...sweeties!

My GREEN Friends!

My cousin Shannon and our little Ella


Mom and her sisiter Jolene

Steph, Riley, and Clint

gabe, me, and mom

Gabe with his nanna's

Nanno and Ella

Taryn, Josh, and Gabe

Uncle "Tyner" Tyler and Gabe

Nanno, Gabe, Nanna, and Ella

Pappy, Gabe, Gramma, and Ella

The Puppet Show.....


More on-lookers!

The stage!

Gabe and friends relaxed in their chairs...

Puppet show...

Gabe clapping because the puppets sang happy birthday to him!


Our family

After everyone was gone... Gabe remembered his cake! So we let him dig in! I know, I know, sugar before bed!!!!! Oh well he had a blast!

thank you Lord for blessing us with this special little boy.
we are so blessed to be his parents!