Tuesday, December 29, 2009

She's ONE....

We celebrated Ella's first birthday with family and friends on Sunday evening.
We enjoyed soup, sandwhiches, goodies, and fellowship.
Here are pics to recap the evening...

Ella taste testing the prettzels before the guests arrive.

The decor.....

Time for presents....

Time to try out the cake....

Yes, that is icing!!!!!!

After everyone was gone we decided little miss had better take a bath....

After her bath she enjoyed her new baby dolls.......

Happy Birthday Sis.
We love you very much.
You are truely a blessing to our family.
Thanks for being a fighter.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

What we've been up too...

Ella loves making messes right now!

She was having a blast pulling out all of the shoes.

She was picking out a Christmas present here...

Wrapping presents...
Ella was my ribbon girl

Gabe was my tape man

Bruce was just looking good!

I am not sure what happened on this day.... Gabe decided to play in his yogurt instead of eat it. Silly boy. I was making lunch in the kitchen and came back to find this!

Ella's first experience with a toothbrush...

Lovin at Nanna and Nanno's

Gabe took a walk with daddy and wormie-wormie. This is Gabe's new love! Its so funny because he is attatched by fishing line to a little piece of cardboard so it actually looks like wormie-wormie is following him. Too funny. And poor Ella is petrified of wormie-wormie. It looks real to her because all she sees is that it is moving.

We are enjoying our christmas season to the fullest. Hope you are too!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Picture OVERload!

We are going back to the day after Thanksgiving. Ella hadn't been sleeping for us, why we didn't think about her ears who knows, maybe the hussel and bussel! So the morning after Thanksgiving when everyone was shopping- I made a trip to see the dr with little sis. Sure enough her first BAD ear infection! Poor thing, no wonder sleeping was not going well. Here we are waiting on the dr. While we were waiting she learned to scroll on my touch phone. Oh the days of land lines!

That night (friday night) we had our family in from northern indiana and we celebrated christmas with Grandma Zetta. She leaves for Florida so we always celebrate early with her. Gabe was excited to get some spending money from Grandma Zetta.

Here are the only GREAT granddaughters!

Here are ALL of the GREAT grandboys.

We got Grandma Zetta to play the wii. We were bowling.

After all the celebrating of thanksgiving we decided to get the christmas decor.

Then we made it to Tuesday night of the week following Thanksgiving and we had to say our goodbyes to Grandma Zetta. We all went to eat and say our goodbyes! Ella had a ball with all the attention.

FOUR generations

Monday, Gabe was more then thrilled to see the snow. I didn't say anything, waiting on him to see it. He walked past the door, stopped, and turned to look and then ran to the window. He said "mom, that snow". I said yes. he said "whoo" and stood there staring for the longest time. So cute to see him so excited about something.

Last night we went to check out the progress at mom and dads. The kids had a blast riding around in all the open area.

Today I had put Ella on the couch with Gabe and I, I no longer walked out into the kitchen to get ella's cup and turned around to see her doing this! I am not used to such a dare devil. Gabe never tried anything daring so I never had to worry about him. Ella is a different story!

These pictures are older... This high chair that Ella is setting in is 58 years old! My grandma bought it for her eldest child and it is still in working order and still doing its job. I would say they got their moneys worth!!!! he he

Kiddos playing on Grandma's couch

Ella giving Grandma Zetta lots of loving!