Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Home Tour

This Sunday October 4th is the Home Tour in Montgomery. It is featuring five different homes and Destination Yachts. This is a fundraiser for the Seniors! The tickets are $10 and $5 goes directly to the seniors for their class trip. If you would like a ticket you can contact Andre or I (or any senior). We would greatly appreciate your support! Thanks so much...

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

First jammies, First cheeto, First drink

First time to wear BIG girl jammies!
(two pieces/not ones that button or zip)

Little sweetheart!

She lookes so big!
Gabe was so excited that his sissy was
wearing pjs like he was!

First time for a cheeto(.. a soft one that she could handle by herself.)

(I know she is in her pjs, however, it was not in the morning... actually wore pjs all day into the eveing when daddy came home)

First time to figure out how to tip the cup up to get water all by herself!

Big Bro was there filming it all going down! Such a supporting big bro!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Side Tracked...

Sorry about the last month... I was a little side tracked!
Here is our update in pictures:

Playdate with the girls...
Making sure those flowers have enough water!

Yummy popcicles....

First Purchase...
We had a day of shopping and mom bought her first purchase for the new house! I was so proud of her, this has been a hard thing for her to do! Very overwhelming!

Wild Woman...
Ella loves to pull up in her seat! She is so daring....

Gabe has been making sure things are done right at Nanna and Nannos!

Mud and dirt have definately been on the agenda!

Andre and Josh were ready for their race in Princeton and the rain came a pouring! Luckly I had pjs for the kids because we were all soaked!

You can see the wetness through the window!

before the race!!!! and rain for that matter!!!!

Gramma gave Ella her first cheeto to such on!!!

Uncle Adam came home for a visit!!!!

Gabe having fun with pappy!!!

Ella's first time at the table!
She is usually in the highchair or bumboo.
She thought she was hot stuff!

I can no longer trust that she will stay in the stoller! This is what she does when she is not strapped in! She is all over the place.. i am not used to this, Gabe was the complete opposite!

Playing at Grandma Zettas....

Bath time fun...
They have a blast in the tub together!

daddy and gabe being silly after bath

Checking out the progress made at Nanna and Nannos!

Swinging in her pink swing that Nanno bought her!

Getting love from two of her favorite men..

A visit from a dear friend...
Kelly was home from Portland, Or.
I really enjoyed spending some time with her!

Ella's first drive!

Playing in the water!
This is one of their most favorite things to do!

A visit to the park..
We took a paddle boat ride!

Ella loved the ducks.

Gabe enjoyed a train ride...

So this recaps some of the things we were a part of in the last month. Sorry about getting side tracked... hopefully I am back on board!