Thursday, December 16, 2010


Last Saturday.... this crew went and sang some pretty songs together at a couple of nursing homes. It always warms my heart to see the kiddos get so excited about it. Love to watch them bless the nursing home folks.

After singing, we enjoyed a wonderful meal together and some great fellowship.

Thanks crew for an enjoyable evening!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

christmas candy....

Taryn and I had a couple of hours on our hands with no little fingers and no significant others around and this is what we decided to do with our spare time!

Let me rewind, before we took on the candy makin we enjoyed a meal at Mi Pueblo (filling our tummys with good food, so we did not eat only bad food) and some girl chat time...

Taryn's choice was puppy chow and my choice was white trash!

It was a "sweet" success!

Yep, we did use a trash bag to mix them up.

Silly girls...

p.s.... do you not love their choice of color for the kitchen??? newly painted...

Sunday, December 5, 2010

passing on traditions....

Through the years, while living at home..... my brothers and I always decorated gingerbread houses this time of the year.

Thursday evening we had no plans and a night at home so we broke out the gingerbread houses. I was really impressed with how long this held the attention of a one and three year old. The kids had a blast and they are so proud to show everyone that enters the house.

My heart delights in these family activities.... hopefully this will be a fun tradition that is past on and one the sticks around.

At first Ella had a hard time thinking about candy being in
front of her and her not eating it all!

Gabes finished house....

Ellas finished house.....
Here are some pics of miss Ella cooking and talking on the phone...
I love this little girl.... she makes me smile!
p.s.....I bought the gingerbread house kits at Wal-Mart for $9. I thought that was an amazing deal. It had the icing, candy, house, everything you need. I just know that you can rack up money pretty quickly in candy for the decorating part.... so go get yourself a kit and have yourself some fun!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

My sweethearts.....

....are trying to let you in on a little secret!!!!!!!

p.s. they are showin ya just what their mommy
is going to look like in eight short months!!!

hee hee... we are blessed and thrilled!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Northern Christmas

We headed to Northern Indiana last Thursday afternoon to enjoy some good extended family time. My mom has two brothers that live in Goshen and they are always making the trip to Southern Indiana for the Holidays and so we decided to give them a break this year and we all headed up North.

This time of the year is always so special yet we all hate to see it come... the reason I say this is bc my Grandma Zetta and her husband Joe head to Florida after our celebrations. We are never ready to see them go. So we celebrate thanksgiving and christmas all together. You ask how... we have our big ol turkey dinner and then after stuffing ourselves we exchange gifts.

My cousin Jonique and I always lived five hours apart and when we got together over weekends we were two peas in a pod. Our favorite thing to do was playing barbies together.
So its so fun to grow our families together. They have Jack who will be three in January and Brynlee who will turn one in February.

Here are our kiddos lovin on eachother..
Oh, and they were loving the ring pops the mammas
brought home from some black friday shopping!

Uncle Terry showing Gabe and Braxton some good stuff on his phone.

Grandma cooking away.... what would I do without her noodles!

This is grandma Zetta with three of the four great grand daughters....

This is the couch full of great grand sons.... and there were some missing....
poor girls are definately out numbered!

Ella showing off her AWESOME turkey shirt that my friend
Lauren made for her.... you can find her craftyness at

The boys ready for their yummy pancakes!

Miss Brynlee being her cute smiley self.

My little princess trying to be a little worker!

This is the crew that shared a house for the weekend.
We love this family and have so much fun with them.
Thanks guys for your hospitality!
Looking forward to your visit in February.

I can not believe this is already a week later.
Grandma is half way to Florida... boo!
Its nice to know that she will be making her way home in
February for the wedding... it will make it not seem as long!