Tuesday, June 29, 2010

eight years baby

I have been married to this man for eight years.
He is a whole lot more then he ever thought of being on our wedding day.
Love you now more then ever.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

A Whole Lotta....

We have had a whole lotta summer lovin so far....

Sweet treats in the Mornings....

After bath, we discovered a lightening bug in the house!

Played in Mc Donalds.....
yes i did let my kids play in there but
I promise I gave them a bath asap..

And our favorite.. Playing outside.. by water of course!

And the balloon lift off.
We lifted off balloons in memory of just how Good God is!
(This was on the two year anniversary of our wreck)

Gabe is now riding his four-wheeler all by himself.
Don't worry, daddy runs along side of him to keep him safe.
Funny that at christmas he was not fond of riding a battery powered jeep
and now he wants to ride his gas powered four-wheeler by himself.

Ella wants to be on the move too!

Swim time... our favorite!

Took some pics of these sweeties...

Cutie cousins....

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Two years and a day...

Yesterday marked the two year anniversary of our wreck.

It is amazing to see what God has brought us through in two short years..

Many of you have been on my mind in the last couple of weeks... different things I go to do and you will come to mind.. things you did for me, bought me, food you made me, your encouragement. Amazing. You all were definitely Gods hands and feet.

Thank you for allowing him to work through you.

Upon remembering everything... I went back and read all posts starting from June 12 and on. It is neat to look back and see the healing of our God.

Thought I would link some of the old post up if you want to reminisce....








The most tear jerking one is the video my brother put together for us.... There are many more than just these but to many to post. You are more then welcome to go back and read them.

We did have a small "celebrating life" life pizza party with family last night.

Pictures to come!

Once again Thanks a million to all of those who helped!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Travelers we are....

Last weekend we headed north to visit family. We had some catching up to do since little miss Brynlee was born in february. So when the road trip gets long what else is there to do but take funny pics......

Friday evening we stopped in at my cousin (justins... and family) for a wonderful meal and some much needed running around time (after five hours in the car). He has two acres of wildflowers behind his house so after dinner we took a stroll...

After our walk, aunt Gwen treated the kiddos to some jello jigglers.

Soon after dessert it was time for some much needed sleep.
Saturday was spent at yard sales for the ladies and in the swimming pool for the men and kids. Yes the men let us ladies go out on the town... what wonderful men!
Some how I have no pics of Saturday!

On Sunday Gabe and Jack enjoyed eachothers company.

We headed to the park for some playtime.

After the park we headed home for some yummy lunch... And then homeward bound!
Our kiddos are getting quite used to this traveling business but this ol mamma is glad to be home for awhile!