Sunday, March 29, 2009

3 months and pneumonia

My little sweetie turned 3 months on Friday. I took these pictures Saturday afternoon. We are loving on her as much as we can. She is growing so quickly and time is it always does. We enjoy Ella's personality that is coming forth.... she is as attention starved as her older brother. he he She LOVES to be talked to... sometime I will think she is getting tired or cranky and then I will start talking to her and she perks right up. She really is a good little girl. She loves her big brother.... she follows him (with her little eyes) wherever he goes. And Gabe still loves to give sis kisses.
As for pneumonia..... We had one of our worst nights in the knepp household last night! Gabe started coughing yesterday afternoon and didn't stop until 4am this morning. So needless to say we headed to QuickCare today. Sure enough he has pneumonia. A big thanks to my SIL -Tera who caught this in its early stages! He is doing so much better today and actually started acting like himself this evening.
Here are pictures of Ella to mark 3 months!

Monday, March 23, 2009

A little of this... A little of that....

This is what we have been up to lately....

Saturday, mom and I made a trip to Eville for some new spring/summer clothes for the kiddos. This is Gabe's big find for the day.... He pushed this wagon all around target so of course nanna didn't have the heart to tell him to put it back! :) So cute that "bear" got a ride.
This was Gabe's nap on the way to eville!

This is how Gabe feel asleep one night this past week. Can you tell the poor child was exhausted?? He has had yucky ol' drainage, which makes him cough, which makes him not sleep well. So needless to say when nap time and night time are here he is ready.

Daddy doesn't look much better!
This is one of our many trips to the park... Only to look forward to more through the summer!
We made it one lap around the lake and Gabe walked the last half! This warm weather is wonderful.

Gabe found duck poop. He was so concerned about it... he pointed to it and kept telling me "duckt poopt". I told him just don't step in it and it will be ok... check out the next picture!

He did step in it and he was then concerned for his shoe!!! Silly boy! Next time you see us ask about the duckt poopt and he will tell you a story... So sweet.

Ella didn't like that Gabe was getting to walk, so she talked nanna into carrying her!

Gabe has started playing by himself more and more. The other day I found him in the living room with this food and his animals all lined up around it. I was so proud! I just can't believe how much they soak up so quick.

We ride mom and dad's golf-cart down the road to a bridge so Gabe can throw rocks in the water. This is Gabe loving life!

Ella's FIRST golf-cart ride! She wasn't to sure of the wind.... it was messing up her hair! he he

Sweet baby girl enjoying time in her stroller at the park.

Throwing more rocks..... picking just the right one!

A visit from Grandma Great-Swartzentruber.

Here is a picture of 8 of us girls who were close in high school. We have managed to stay close through the years, weather it be through email, phone calls, texts, or visits. We were thrilled to have a visit from Brooke (who has been in Africa over the last year). So here we are: Brittany, Carrie, Ella and I, Lori, Autumn - bottom row Stacey, Kelly, and Brooke. Thanks girls for the good time!

Last Friday night we had a dinner date at Mandy and Aarons. We enjoyed hanging out with friends we don't get to see much. Just before going home Gabe realized that Emily likes hats too! They discussed eachothers hats and decided to be friends! So sweet!

Ariel these are for you:
My good friend Ariel (who lives in Colorado) bought this outfit for little Ella. She is about to out-grow it and I realized I didn't have any pictures of her in it so these are for you babe. I loved it!

Gabe didn't like that I wasn't taking pictures of him.. So he scooted in a picture. My two sweeties!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Gabe's buddy, Jack....

Two weeks ago we headed to Ohio to visit with our good friends the Swartzentrubers. We had an eventful trip out but we made it! We were about two hours out and poor little Jack starting throwing up. So when we arrived we were all hoping it was just something settling wrong on his stomach... we awoke the next morning to find out that Jack had been visited by the flu bug. The poor little guy just didn't feel good... Gabe was sad that Jack was sick but LOVED playing with new toys. We had a wonderful time just hanging out around the house.... which is what both boys needed. Jack needed rest time and Gabe loves being a home body! Here are just a few pics I got of the weekend...
can anyone help me out as to why these pictures won't up load the right direction... they are in my picasa program?????
giving jack a hug
discussing the flu bug with eachother...gabe told jack he knows exactly how he feels bc he had the same thing a few weeks earlier
sharing toys

Good buddies!!!

gabe and ella's first bath together... gabe thought this was the most wonderful thing... he laughed the whole time because sis was kicking him and the water...

gabe and jack with their juice boxes..

playdough is my new favorite

wishing jack were here....

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

a much needed update....

Where to start...
I will just talk about the pictures so you know what has been going on the last month and more... I will post some more again later but for now this is what I will leave you with! Enjoy

This first pic is of Brent and Ella and Grandma greats birthday party. Two little sweeties

This is a picture of my first trip to Evansville with two kids. They did a great job and I LOVE my stroller. As you can see Gabe isn't real perky... I later found out he had an ear infection!
This was gabes first time to play with playdough... he loved it and he was entertained for a long time....

These next two pictures are of Ella sleeping on the couch. The sun was shining on her just right for some ever so sweet pics.

While ella was sleeping, Gabe and I played outside on Tuesday. It was so beautiful. I had to beg Gabe to go in when we heard Ella crying on the monitor. Thank goodness for monitors!

gabe enjoying his sandbox

For lunch on Tuesday we met Tera, Braylee, and Brynna at Mc Donalds. Gabe enjoyed his time with the girls!

gabe and braylee playing

brynna posing with ella

Monday night when Andre got home from work we took the kids to the park. Gabe is in LOVE with the ducks. I was so excited to see just how far I could make it... I walked two laps around the pond! yeah! go legs! I am so thrilled to know how blessed I am to walk!

checking out the ducks with dada

our first walk at the park

This pic was taken this past saturday... Tyler arrived in an air-vac and left on his own two feet! Amazing! I had other pictures of Gabe running in the hallways but for some reason they won't work.

Tyler leaving the hospital

Last tuesday night we decided to make the BIG change. We made Gabes bed into a toddler bed... or as he knows it a "big boy" bed! he was so excited... He has done a great job with it and he has only fallen out one night so far!

watching all of the commotion...

yeah for my big boy bed

sis checking things out...

Last Monday night we went to indy to stay with uncle adam. I had an appointment with my nerosurgen on Tuesday. Gabe really enjoyed spending time with "aa-dum".

gabe hanging out with adam and elmo

gabe and ella ready to go

gabe cleaning up adams house before we left

these are two pics of us waiting to see dr. mobasser

dadda and sis

gabe eating lunch while we wait on dr. mobasser

Last monday Ella had her two month well check. She is doing wonderful! She was 23 3/4 long and Weighed in a 11.6. As I went back to Gabes baby book to see the comparison I was shocked.... Gabe was 24 inches long and weighed 11 pounds. I was amazed at how similar they were.

waiting to see the doc

sis and her shots....