Sunday, October 26, 2008

Dreams do come true!!!!!

Dreams do come true!
As I was running(quickly walking) around the house last night, chasing my little sugar and tickling him when I caught him...Andre was quick to remind me that i did say "I can't wait to be able to chase gabe around again!" Well guess what I DID! In the middle of the night when I couldn't sleep God reminded me of this conversation and gave me the title to this post. He reminded me not only is he HEALING me but he is also making my DREAMS come true! He has taught me so much through the events of the last four months. Andre and I are still learning from it. We really try not to take things for granted anymore. We are trying to love on our little boy as much as possible. And we realize arguments aren't everything they are cracked up to be! (we are both a lot quicker to say sorry) Man God is Good! Just let God know what your dreams are and I am sure he will answer them in some way-some day!

Here's what we have been up too...

Lark Ranch...
Yesterday evening, Andre and I took little man Gabe to have some fun at the ranch. And boy o' boy did he love it! One of his favorites was the corn box. He didn't want to get out and move on until we persuaded him with a funnel cake. (yeah, i know not real healthy) He also enjoyed the goats and the pumpkin patch. However, the pumpkin patch was so viney he got really frustrated and didn't want to walk in it... He and daddy found his perfect pumpkin! Good Job daddy!!!! As for the ponies, we thought he would love, he wasn't to fond of them so we are saving the pony ride for next year. Here are some pictures to show of our fun evening.

the corn box

daddy and gabe petting the goats

little sugar in the patch

frustrated because he couldn't walk easily... but he has his perfect pumpkin in hand

on the search

daddy and gabe in the patch

hay ride... our fam...

little sugar on our front porch before we left for the ranch

what a the way gabe loves putting his hat on all by himself... as you can tell... and sometimes it really looks funny.. such a big boy

Yesterday afternoon, we decided to put ella's crib together. Whenever I was prego with gabe i had everything ready to go with a few months left... (sorry ella, mommy is so unmotivated... I just know that all you need is our love and I promise your room will be ready in time!) that is not the case with this pregnancy. I only have about 9 weeks left and she will be here. Lucky her- she at least has some clothes to wear! hehe So Gabe was daddy's big helper, as you can see.

gabe using the screw driver

counting screws for daddy

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

One lucky Woman!!

With the weekends events I forgot to mention it was my husbands birthday on Saturday!

Happy Birthday Hubby!

I am one lucky woman to have such a wonderful husband. I am reminded of this daily. I was especially reminded of this in the past 5 months. Every day that I couldn't do something for myself or Gabe, he was there! He definately out done the statement of "for better or worse". He is always thinking of others and putting them first. Always willing to serve. I love the way he loves our son and as I have seen... would do anything for him. He is one unbelieveable guy!!!! I have been very blessed to spend the last 6 with him and I am looking forward to spending the next 60 with him (hunny, i can't wait to grow old with you).

So... my lovely husband is recieving two things from him wife and son however, they have yet to arrive. I will post pictures of the gifts at a later date. Until then, know that I am giving him lots of extra kisses!!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Big Accomplishments!!

I have hit two more milestones in my recovery process! The Lord continues to bless me with strength and endurance. He also continues to show me how gracious he is...

I hiked again for the first time!!
I also took a bath again for the first time!!!

So I have attached pictures of our camping and hiking at Spring Mill, however there are NO pictures of my first bath! You just have to take my word for it!

Sorry these picts are in random order...

Gabe and daddy throwing rocks in the water

Gabe, Brynna, and Brody hanging out

Andre and I on our hike...

The boys
pappy and gabe, andre, and adam

gabe found a new seat- the stump

gabe actually fell asleep while andre was holding him... fell asleep sitting about tired

gabe and dadddy checking out the wall

playing with daddys hat

check out my walking stick

gabe and mommy hiking along

our precious fam

my big boy

checking out the creek

taking a walk

talking with daddy

gabes first time on a tire swing... with his cousins brynna and braylee

a kiss from mommy

brody and gabe... the boys

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Our picnic at Glendale!

Andre, Gabe, Bruce, and I headed out to glendale last night. We packed pb&j's to enjoy.. and headed to the water. It was so peaceful! Sometimes I had to remind myself that we were still in Washington. We had a blast.... throwing rocks in the water, exploring, walking, talking, eating, and just hanging out. I LOVE evenings like this... we didn't spend any money and we throughly enjoyed eachothers company! If you ever need something to do to fill your evening... pack up and head out to glendale for a peaceful evening! (Thanks Amber for introducing us to the spot!)

Gabe enjoying the last sips of my sunkist..
(man after my own heart)

My hubby and I

sharing some chips

gabe and mommy

daddy and gabe

silly boys! check out gabes hair!

tickling daddy

jumping from rock to rock


my blue eyed boy


such a big world

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Happy Birthday Uncle Tyler...

Happy Birthday
Uncle Tyler........
My youngest brother Tyler is 20 today! Gabe loves to be entertained by his uncle ty-ty. Tyler is one of the most UNSELFISH people I know. For example, as Tyler takes a seat to get ready to do something for himself- you ask him to get you something and he JUMPS at the occasion to serve. No complaining just willingly serving! He loves to please others in any way he can. Wow do I have wonderful memories of him during the accident/recovery period! The one night that stick out in my head.... I was still at methodist and my legs were unbelievably painful... so they would always assign two people to me so one could rest while the other rubbed my legs.... EVERY TIME i would wake up only to find Tyler standing there ready to rub my legs BEFORE i would even have to ask him. He was always asking if there was anything else he could do. He was such a servant then and always. I know there is no way I could ever repay him for all that he did for me.... my heart has a very special place for him! Tyler I love you beyond words or expressions could express! I hope you have a good evening and we will be ready to celebrate on Friday night!
We love you so much.....
Andre, Mandi, Gabe, Ella, and of course Bruce Boy

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Enjoying Every Moment

On Wednesday morning, the girls (Braylee and Brynna/Gabe's cousins) came over to play. Gabe loved having them over. He loves to be entertained! However, it is a good thing he has a sister coming soon because he has not gotten the whole sharing concept down yet. We had fun playing, taking a walk and enjoying Mi Pueblo for lunch.

Braylee helping Gabe stack...

Brynna and Gabe checking out Bruce!
(Bruce wasn't so sure of the idea :)

Wednesday afternoon, Gabe and I worked on organizing Ella's closet. I was trying to maneuver things around to new places and also collecting yard sale stuff along the way. I guess Gabe wasn't getting enough attention because he sat his duck (that he loves-it is behind him) and himself in the closet and then proceeded to say "mama" until I paid attention to him. He was so proud of himself-he had found a seat his size! What a sweetie!

Gabe showing me his belly!

The room is getting cleared out... slowly but surely!

I told Gabe to smile and this is what he did! Little stinker...

On Friday, Gabe and I took lunch to Andre. We are going to make a weekly tradition of this... after the wreck we have really evaluated our priorities and this is one thing we have decided to do. Gabe loved playing in daddy's room. He also loved the attention of the students who were still in the room when we arrived. He played with a ball, a monkey, and ran around. He wasn't to sure of the bear!!!!! Yes it was once real and yes my husband is crazy (that's why I love him) for having a bear in his room. Hey whatever it takes to make things interesting... Right????

Gabe touching the bears tongue.

Giving daddy kisses!!

As I was doing laundry I heard something hitting the floor repeatedly... so I proceeded to find out what it was... As I rounded the corner I found Gabe throwing Bruce's' food piece by piece on the floor. It was funny to me because he has never bothered it before! He always just points at it and says "broof". Oh well... he had a bit of fun and then he even helped pick it up.

He looks really innocent in this picture!!
(how could you get upset at that little cutie)