Thursday, January 27, 2011

This sweet thang is up for grabs...

This is the Craigslist post that Andre put on the internet....
2003 Kia Sorento EX
mileage - 88,260 (still driving, so this will change)(only about 100-200 mi per week)
Regularly serviced every 3000 miles
This is gonna be a very good SUV for someone for a long time still. The only reason we are selling is because our 3rd is on the way and this Kia only fits two car seats. I get about 18mpg-city and 21mpg-highway, and my wife gets about 16city and 19hwy. ha ha true story.
It has a truck base and weighs 5600 lbs with a towing capacity of 3500 lbs. It gets around amazingly in snow/ice. Despite it’s muscle, it handles like a car…fun to drive.
Known issues are:
There are a few stains on the carpet. There are a few scratches on the glove box. The hydraulics in the hood do not work (you have to hold it open…I think what it needs is only $20 from Autozone).. The power steering fluid had a leak recently…I ran leak-stop through it and the leak has stopped, but it turns a little harder than it should right when you start it up (cold). Once it warms up the pwr steering works normal. And finally, the brakes are probably due for a change.

Please call if interested: My cell is 812-486-7559. Or if you just have quick questions about the vehicle, you can text me at the same number. I've taken about a hundred pictures of it so if you are interested in buying, then just ask and I will email you a weblink that you can view all of them!

(I'm hoping that our new minivan will have built-in DVD so I am willing to throw in our Dual-screen DVD player (with remote) that fits onto the back of each of the front seats. I am also willing to throw in my 2" towing hitch/ball if you want it. It is stainless steel and I just bought it a couple months ago and have only used it once.)

(It’s an EX model and has every feature you could get in the ’03 except for the “outside temperature gauge”.)

4-Wheel Drive
Leather Seats
Heated Front Seats
Power windows
Power driver seat
Power door locks
Keyless entry
Steering Wheel controls (seek, volume, mode, cruise)
Cruise Control
Factory 6 Disc CD-changer
Fog Lamps
Universal Garage Door Opener in rear-view mirror
Home Link System
Rear Defrost & wiper
Car Seat Lower Anchors & Tethers for 2nd row bench seat
Dual Air Bags
Front AND Rear Side Air Bags
Power Sliding Moon Roof
Roof Rack
Privacy Glass
Running Boards
Towing Package
Alloy Wheels
Back Seats fold down flat

DVD player (dual screens) ....if you want it
2" Towing Ball/Hitch .....if you want it

We are also offering a LIFETIME GUARANTEE!!!!!!!! (For as long as I'm alive, I guarantee you that I will offer advice on who to take it to if it breaks down!)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

This little miss...

.....since turning two, has had lots on her agenda lately!!!!

Today we headed to Amber Jo's to get her (and mr. gabes)
hair trimmed up and ready to go for the wedding.....

Yes, This was her first real haircut!!!

Good thing mom decided she wanted to be a part of the big moment
bc little miss decided she wanted me to hold her!!!!!
So if it weren't for my mom I would have none of these pictures!!!!
THANKS a million mom!

Miss princess with her candy...

Miss princess with her keepsake hair....

The lovely Nanna with my two sugars....

I took these pics of Ella playing, love the creativity of a kid....

After I took the last pic she said "Mom, again" and then posed like this!

Miss Ella also had her first all girl party... Miss Meridith had a ballerina party and invited Ella... We had so much fun, even though Ella was completely LOST without her brother!
She stuck by my side and sat in my lap the whole time!

Monday, January 17, 2011

still playin catch up...

Well in reverse order.... we are about to share with you some things that have been happening with us lately..

We of course had to get out in the snow..
Luckily, daddy got to stay at home with us.
These are my little snow angels.....

We headed outside in the morning and it was so great bc all of our roads were still covered...
so we walked to the big hill to sled down it... It was also great bc it was not freezing out so the kids really enjoyed themselves.

My little man....

My little woman....

Gabe tryin to pull daddy... it just didn't work!

One evening a five we called up these dear pals and invited them over for pizza!
Miss Riley and the sillies eatin some icecream.

It was then time to wash our hands!!!!

One evening the kids and I had a blast takin pictures of ourselves!!!
Here are the results......

Everyone was supposed to shut their eyes.... notice miss ella


Gabe wanted us all to say "four wheelers" for one so we did!!!!

One evening over break I was able to quickly chat with these lovely ladies!!!
Old high school friends... So good getting to see them...
Brooke, Me, Autumn, Brittany, Kelly, and Lori

We celebrated Taryn's shower... This is what mom and I got for her!

The cupcakes...

The food...

The tables....

The bridesmaids....

The bride and mother of the groom...

All of these great things made for a really enjoyable shower...
So excited to have another sis in law in less then three weeks!!!!

Ella had her 2 year well check!
She is actually tall on the charts...
She is right on target... yahoo!

Gramma went with us to the well visit and then we took her out for her birthday....
Happy birthday, Gramma

We have been completely enjoying life and it is flying us by!!!!!