Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Who says...

 there are NO mountains in Indiana!?!

Monday, May 21, 2012


 Last weekend we has some special people in town...
Adam and Tristen
We had not seen these two since Christmas 
so it was a much over due visit! 

Friday evening we had them over for supper and fun.
They gave Gabe his birthday present which provided entertainment.

 Serious Stuff
Ella with her daddy

 Gabe thought this high place would be
 good to throw his parachute man from....

Daddy and Adam would shoot the helicopters into the sky 
and then Gabe and Ella would run and catch them..

Love this pic... Adam and Gabe are in deep conversation
and Liam is blowing bubbles!

Love this one too!

More outside fun...

These pics are priceless...
Pappy tickling Liam

Miss Tristen thought that  being swung around looked like fun
She got to try!!!!
Funny stuff...

There were more events that took place and some how I have no
All in all, we enjoyed our time with these two.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

This and That....

We have been up to lots of fun...
A little of this and a little of that!!!!
(most recent to most un-recent...tee hee)

My biggest boy just finished his first year of preschool...
He and one of his best buddies Copeland at pick up on the last day!

 More buddies...
Riley and Noah

Miss Barb..
What a sweet lady!

After school we met Nanna at Masons for a celebratory lunch...

My favorite pick of these three so far.....

On Tuesday My little man did this ALL BY HIMSELF!

Liam and Gabe enjoying a special treat...
Liam was more excited about sitting next to his big brother!

My princess SUPER EXCITED about this years first cantaloupe.
I was afraid she was going to have a belly ache after eating so much.

Miss Ella and her babies...
She usually has one of these in tow at all times.

On May 2nd we enjoyed the sprinkler for the first time of the year.


In April we welcomed two new family members..
Super Bunny and Snow White

Liam and I love being entertained by the other two....

And last but not least....
Daddy's signature throw!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Granndma's 80th Birthday!

 My Grandma Zetta turned 80 on April 18th...
So her big birthday bash was this past weekend!
We had family in for the weekend and lots planned!
We enjoyed every minute of it.

Saturday morning the women went and decorated the party spot...
Then off to Sweet Stuff in Petersburg for some yummy lunch.
(If you ever make it to this wonderful eatery... 
you MUST try the snickers cheesecake!)
 I will go back and have more!

Grandma and Liam discussing the events of the day!

 My mom and her sis, aka aunt Jolene!

 Cousins...Shannon, Jonique,and I

 Aunt Jean and Aunt Gwen

 Yes I did catch them.... they gave Liam his first taste of MT DEW!!!!

The young'ins...entertaining themselves!
Reghan and Elly

 Mr Hunts deciding which one we should try!

 My sweet, happy boy...

While the women were away, 
the men took the four older kiddos to race slot cars...
A new find in plainville...yes I said plainvilee!
They had a blast!
Then back home for naps.

 After naps the boys thought they needed a
 round of angry birds to help them wake up.

 Then it was time for sprinkler fun!

After sprinklers and showers...
Party time...
It looked beautiful!

My little sweet girly!

I was so excited to take these pictures
 because this is not an everyday occurrence!
All siblings in one spot....

Aunt Jolene giving bunny ears...
Crazy kids!
Terry, Marvin, Nelda, Grandma, Jolene, Delmar, Sheldon

Grandma and her girls

Grandma and her granddaughters!
(There are MANY more grandsons, and they were not all there)
Jonique being the life of the party!

Ella and Jack being buddies!
It was a very enjoyable weekend...
I am excited for memories yet to come with this family!