Thursday, August 28, 2008

Ella Nyah Marie at 20 weeks...

Ella Nyah Marie is HERE!!!

....well..not "here" but

Anyway, isn't she adorable!

The position she was in explained

why Mandi is lob-sided...Ella's

head and abdomen is all on one

side...only her legs on the other!

She is truly a miracle!!!!!!!!! (Just click

on the pictures to enlarge them!)

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Whats on my mind!

As I go throughout my day many things run through my mind. I have felt like I was supposed to post this small reminder for a while and I finally am. It is a reminder not to take the SMALL things for granted. Sometimes in this crazy world we get busy and pass by the small things. I just want to bring to your attention some things I haven't been able to do since the wreck (10wks yesterday). I am not mentioning these things in order for you to feel sorry for me, but in order for you to take a step back and thank God for your body and its mobility. So here are some things on my wish list - and I know that one day I WILL do them again.

Mandi's Wish List:
1. Scrub my bathroom floors - now don't get me wrong they have been cleaned!
2. Roll around on the floor with Gabe
3. Get up in the middle of the night to use the restroom and not have to put on my brace
4. Going to bed with NO leg pain... my legs wear out and get very achy at night
5. To bend over to the floor without holding onto something near by- incase i loose my balance
6. To RUN
7. To walk around all day and not have to take breaks because I am tired
8. To pick up my little man anytime, anywhere
9. To sit down on the floor all by myself, nothing around to hang onto
10. Cuddle with my sweetie and my sweet boy without a hard brace seperating us
11. To get dressed and be able to see what I am wearing
12. To wear a necklas....many times I have went to put one on and I forget that my brace is in the way
13. Stand in the shower
14. The simple task of bending over to pick up toys is actually one that I really miss
15. To be able to give Gabe a bath
16. Taking walks with my boys
17. To put Gabe in his crib for naps
18. To balance on one foot like I used too
19. To pick weeds out of my landscaping
20. Cutting my toenails
21. To put lotion on my feet without the pain of my legs being stretched

These are just a few things I have thought about throughout my time at home. I took them for granted and I am asking the Lord daily to never let me get to that point again!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

20 weeks...

I am now officially half way there! (However, I am more then half way because of them inducing me early!) It seems like this pregnancy has flown by. I do have to remind myself that the last 10 weeks have been a little different then normal. We are so excited to meet her and we have been talking that in just 4 short months our lives will change once again. We are excited and ready for the change. We have been trying to talk to Gabe about being a big brother. I am sure that he won't understand completely until she moves in with us! I am feeling her more and more. We will have our 20 week ultrasound this Tuesday! We are excited to see her again and it is always a blessing to hear the heart beat. I will definately update on Tuesday with pics of our precious little girl.

I feel really guilty because with Gabe I took pictures every month. Ella is going to be a little disappointed with me, hopefully she will understand the situation.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Picture update...

Gabe having a blast at the park, with
his daddy!

Playing in the rocks and dirt.
His favorite thing to do when outside!

I enjoyed Gabe snuggling up next to me
to watch his movie. I miss these days...hopefully soon the brace with be gone!

I actually got to sit indian-style and
fold our clothes. I was excited b/c
I haven't been able to sit this way
since the wreck. Another small
stepping stone!

Gabe and daddy swinging some more!

This picture is cute but scarey!

Gabe loves to take walks around
the block. This is him holding onto
daddy's finger.

Playing with cousins- Braylee and Brynna.

Jeremiah (friend) came to stay with us.
Gabe enjoyed having a friend around to
play with.

Our first fire... we put Gabe to bed
and then enjoyed ourselves by the fire.

Gabe and Bruce checking out the
neighborhood dog.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

More WONDERFUL news....

God is so FAITHFUL!

Yesterday we (Lou-my mother- in -law, Andre, Gabe and I) made a trip to Indy for Gabe's follow up visits. His first appointment was at 11am at Methodist. She was a physical therapist who had seen Gabe while he was at Riley and she was astonished with how well he was doing. She just kept saying "he looks so Good!". She evaluated him and sent us on our way. She released him and told us that unless we have concerns there would be no reason to return! Wow! We were thrilled!

His next appointment wasn't until 2pm so we decided to head to Riley for some McDonalds. We at lunch and then uncle Adam stopped by to give Gabe some kisses. Gabe also enjoyed throwing pennies in the fountain, picking flowers for his mommy and gramma (Lou), taking a ride in the wagon-the last time he was in this wagon he didn't look as good, taking rides on the elevators, and just walking around. Andre and Lou also showed me all around, the rooms Gabe had stayed in, and what emotions ran through my head. All I could say was THANK YOU JESUS! I just kept thanking him that we were now on the outside looking in. We were the healthy ones looking at where Gabe WAS. God is so faithful to our prayers... however, he doesn't always answer them the way we would like BUT he does hear them!

Then off to see the neuro/pulmonary doc. He too was impressed with Gabe's success. He asked many questions digging deep to find something wrong and it was the most wonderful feeling to be able to answer every question with positive answers! He also told us unless there are any concerns then we wouldn't have to return! Great news... we don't have any more follow ups with indy docs! Gabe is 100% and more.... little stinker progressed faster then his mommy!

Overall, it was a wonderful day. We accepted all of the good news and celebrated by eating out on the way home.

Throwing pennies in the water

Gabe and daddy picking flowers

Andre, Gabe, and Adam

Gabe taking a ride

Playing while waiting on the doctors

water fountain

throwing in rocks

picking more flowers

look mom "I found a ball!"

A little update on my progress!

As of a week and two days i have been DONE with MY CANE! I am now walking all by myself. I am slowly but surely making progress. I sat indian style the other night and folded clothes, this was a huge stepping stone for me! I have been stretching alot and was excited to see that one day soon I will be able to sit with Gabe on the floor and play again. I have seen added strength in my legs. My endurance is building slowly- i took a walk around the block with Gabe and Andre. And yesterday at our Riley outing I walked the whole day-which was actually alot of walking! So my goal is to get my brace of next month so I can lift gabe and start doing some back and stomach exercises.

Monday, August 18, 2008

exploring the backyard....

he doesn't eat potatoes
for their nutritional value...

buddies for life....

our little peyton manning...

he was begging Bruce to come
play with him in the sandbox...

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Brown County State Park

Andre, Gabe, and I joined Nathanial, Brandi, and Aspen on an adventure to Brown County. The boys rode their mountain bikes on the trails while Brandi took on the task of two kids (Aspen & Gabe) and an adult (me)! We really enjoyed ourselves and the weather was breath-taking. The boys were gone for an hour and 20 mins.-while the rest of us (mostly Gabe) trompped around the playground, went down slides, threw acorns, had snacks, played in the dirt, discovered ants, and much much more. It was so nice to be out and about. We really had a good day and here are some pictures to share....

Sweetie Aspen playing on the blanket

Brandi helping Gabe down the slide.

Gabe and mommy on a wobbly walk!

Gabe having some cheetoes on his break

The daddies are back!

Than helping Gabe build a fort!

our family

Than acting silly for Gabe!

As you can see in this pic.-
We were all trying to convince Gabe
to smile. We all have our mouths
hanging wide open. Funny stuff!

This was our good pic!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Swimming and a Doctor's visit.....

-We have been enjoying my parents pool as much as we can. Thanks to uncle Josh, we now have a pool to relax in. Ava and Aspen came to swim with Gabe last Sunday evening. They had a great time.
-Yesterday Gabe had another check-up with Doctor Ruff. He just wanted to see him after the feeding tube came out. He says that Gabe is one HEALTHY boy! Praise the Lord! We are truely blessed.
-Gabe gets to visit Amber Jo's today. His hair has grown so much since the wreck. So I will post some pics later on today of his fancy new hair cut.

Swimming at G-dad's with daddy.

Ava Faith smiling for me!

G-dad, Gabe, and Aspen floating

Mr. Independant

Having cookies while waiting for doc.

Gabe and mommy

Gabe playing with his cookies

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

On our own.....

Hello Friends....
I just wanted to update you all on our lives right now.... This past Saturday we moved HOME! Yes we are somewhat crazy, however we really felt the need for our little Gabe to have a routine and be back at the place he knows. Sure enough he tromped around just like he had never left for a minute. What a sweet little boy. Andre definately has his hands full... he gets to take care of the two he loves plus do ALL of the household chores for now. Please pray for extra strength and endurance for him.
As for Gabe- he is back to himself (except for some allergies). He is walking all over the house, chasing Bruce, and always saying "more" for food of some sort. We just love watching him and loving on him.
As for me- well I am slowly but surely improving. Things seem to be going slower as of now. I am just building my strength every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday through therapy. Now don't get me wrong, I am definately improving! I, of course, just don't feel like its going fast enough. I would love to be able to get on the floor and play with my son soon (pray for extra strength and flexablity). I would also love to help out around the house more so praying for endurance would be wonderful ( I of course wouldn't do anything my doc. wouldn't approve of).

You all would be proud of me!
On a lighter note...
My mom and I made a trip to Evansville! Yes you heard me right... Evansville! Gabe needed some clothes (because he had pretty much out grown all of his in the last 7 weeks), we needed a few things to help organize our office-soon to be Ella's room-, and just for the fun of it! I was one tired woman when we returned but I DID IT! It was good to do something normal again.

Thank you all for your enduring prayers! We really appreciate it and of course could never repay you except to pray for you (please let us know if there are any prayer requests that we can join you in). Please don't stop now... we need your prayers just as much now as before, as we are trying to survive as our own little family again.
We love you all very much,

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Picture Update!!!!!

Just got the hang of walking!
June 14 (day of the wreck
we were in Indy visiting uncle

Playing peek-a-boo at uncle Adams

Checkin out uncle Adams view!

Uncle Adam and Gabe

The boys....

Found my dirt, Mom!

Snack break

Our anniversary dinner...
at the washington Hospital
Tyler, Josh, Shannon,
Steph, and Clint

My first real hair wash at
Washington Hospital

Getting ready to take my first steps

Silly boy!

Playing with Riley

First time in the pool!

Eating ribbs!!!!

Corn on the cob is yummy!

Icecream and the pool...
couldn't get much better!

Playing with uncle Adam and