Friday, December 26, 2008

Ella Nyah Marie

Ella is coming to meet us in less then 24 hours. We are so excited to see her! It doesn't seem real that we will be the parents of two little angels! We are both nervous about the events that tomorrow holds while at the same time we know who is in control. We will be arriving at the hospital at 6am so if you would say a little prayer for us we would appreciate it! We will update with pictures as soon as possible.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Prego Update!!!!

I had an appointment this morning with Dr.Frances. It went well... I was a little disappointed because he didn't check me as far as dialation goes. I have been having contractions, just nothing regularly. I was hoping to see how much progress I had made but no big deal. He measured my belly and we listened to little Ella's heartbeat(last time before we actually get to see her!). He told me unless contractions are consistant or my water breaks, then he will see me Saturday morning aroung 6:30. Only five days left and we will have two children! Seems unbelievable to me.... we finally get to meet this little girl who fought so hard this summer. She has already been through a surgery and lots of yucky pain meds. She is one strong lady..... I am excited to see what God has planned for her life, she definately has a purpose!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas.... I will try to update one more time before our funfilled weekend but until then.... God Bless!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Picture update!

Ok... so this is a long one filled with pictures! Hope you enjoy....
Gabe's updated room.... His room had no brown stripe and no star/circle decal's. She also added a new piece of furniture, nightstand, star pillow, and two pictures on the wall.

His saying from uppercase living.
"Let him sleep for when he wakes he will move mountains."

Ella's room is next..... As for her room there were
a few boxes left to get rid of and the walls were a
bagel color. I had done absolutely nothing!

shelves on the wall

gabe was hiding.... can you find him?

coming home outfit

looking in from the doorway

mom put this on her door

my fav. belly picture

her crib

changing table

sitting area

gabes new trick... we say "smile" and this is what he does

Our gang of guys at the christmas party....

The gals

game time!!!

yes the boys won... however, after the night was over.. I did find out that they were cheating!!!!

snuggling with uncle josh... they were watching fourwheelers race on you tube

We bought mom and dad a new oven for christmas and they got it early. Mom is in heaven...this was the first batch of cookies baked!

gabe getting sugar high at nanna and g-dads

my little gangster man... he loves hats and on this day he was wearing daddys all day

so gabe had never had white yogurt! he thought it was lotion and rubbed it all over him while andre and i were cooking supper as we turned to check on him this is what we found.

silly boy

I went to the doctor today and I am 2cm dialated and 80% effaced! YaHOO! I wasn't expecting to be that far along... I only have 12 days left!
That is all for now... hopefully it won't be as long next time!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

A New Look

I finally figured things out and got myself a new look. I am sorry I am so far behind on my posts. I will promise to post new pictures within the next few days.

So while we were on vaction my wonderful mom COMPLETELY finished Ella's room. It is so amazing and the best christmas present ever! She also added a new look to Gabe's room which is just as wonderful. I am so excited and feel like their rooms are complete. Pictures to come...

I also wanted to let you all know that we are on the count down. I only have 16 days left until we meet our little girl. She will be arriving on the 27th and no later. I am going to be induced so that she will be a little smaller then Gabe(8lbs 2oz) - due to my back. We are thrilled and ready to go! The room is ready and we just took some belly pictures Tuesday night. I just need to throw a few more things in the bag.

Pictures and updates to follow soon....