Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Gabe's birthday invites...

We had a blast with Gabe's invites and party this year.
We had a small photo shoot for my little Secret Spy.
Here are some of the fun pics we took!

 And this was the invite my we sent out to his little buddies.

Easter 2013

 Easter morning started off with a nice time with our home fellowship.
After we were done there we headed to Gramma and Pappy's to eat lunch.
We got there in the nick of time, catching the other Knepp grandkids (my kids favorites).
After a yummy lunch Gramma headed to work,
 and so we headed to Nanna & Nannos for naps.
After nap we enjoyed an Egg hunt.
Daddy hid the eggs and he hid them so hard that not even 
us adults could find the mising ones! 
Later that evening we enjoyed some more lovely food with my family.
It was a wonderful day!

Easter Surprises from Gramma

 Gramma with the boys..
checking out Liams goodies.

absolutly love this pic... the six grandkiddies

The egg hunt begins....

Liam followed his big bro around, he thought he was big stuff!

Miss Ella decided it was time to get a ride..

Mr big stuff...

Love this boy.

Such a beautiful day

Easter goodies from Nanna & Nanno

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Easter Morning Pics...

 Love these pictures... I will cherish them forever.
I bribed my kids by telling them they had to take pics before they could see their baskets!

{not sure about the poor quality...sorry}

 Easter Egg Dying 2013




 Lots of hard work and FUN!!!!