Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Christmas is in the air...

Christmas has begun... Yipee!
Before we headed up north for the Holiday weekend we decorated our house... It was so nice to come home to a cozy house with trees and lights!

We started with the kids trees.. each has a tree for thier room.
And I am so proud of them. They decorated them all by themselves, until they got tired and I did the finishing touches. But I am also proud of myself bc I usually "fix" their trees when they are sleeping and this year I did not. They are as they put them. I love it.

Gabe's final product.

Ella's final product....

Moving on... to the tree in the living room.
Ella was all about it this year.... daddy and Gabe took some time for boy stuff.
Like playing motorcycles and watching you tube videos.

Another night we tackled the tree in the dining room...
Man how I love this time of the year.
Its been so much fun to have two little helpers this year too!

These two have been beggin (mostly Gabe, but whatever big bro has... little sis wants)
for footed pjs and so we purchased some!
They love them and want to wear them every night.
Silly sugars....

Northern Thanksgiving/Christmas coming soon....

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Serious Business....

I had some serious business to take care of before time got aways from me!
And that business is all about CATCHING UP!
October 18th, my wonderful hubbs turned the BIG 30!
When you ask him how he feels about it... his response is.....
" I just entered my prime!" I guess thats a great way to look at it.
So the story goes....
I asked some of our closest friends if they would pretend to come watch our
kids while Andre and I went on a date. And so they did...
So poor Andre thought he was getting a quiet evening for just the two of us, but litttle did he know I had other plans.
As soon as Andre and I drove off.... The mad rush came in.
Everyone prepared our house for an amazing surprise party!
(thanks for everyone who had a hand in it... it was awesome)
The ploy to get Andre home....
Our dearest friends called to say Ella was not feeling well and was very whinny.
Andre's response was... she will be fine. Tell them to just find something to entertain. Can you tell that Andre was excited to be with me! We do not get out much by ourselves... hint as to why he did not rush home to our sweetie.
so I text... "its not working"
We then recieved a phone call.
Did not convince daddy.
We then recieved another phone call. That stated that Ella was throwing up!
Daddy finally gave in and we headed home to check out the situation.

Completely Shocked!

This was on a random walk with daddy.
The kidos enjoyed the leaves!

These next pics are from a walk with mommy.
We love our walks....
Silly girl...

Ella pushed her babies.....

Gabe took his battery powered four-wheelers.....

Cheering them on as they race!

This little girl stepped in every water puddle she could find!

These pics are from a wonderfully relaxing evening we had out at glendale.

Gabe's FIRST hunt.
Andre and Gabe went out in the woods looking for deer.
They walked a bit. Stood a bit. Listened a bit.
Gabe had a BLAST.

Andre and I actually did get a REAL date night.
Tera and Alex watched our babies for us while we completely enjoyed eachother!
These are our pics before we left.

My dad got himself a buck!
Gabe was determined to get his pic with Nanno and the deer.
The morning we woke up to go take this pic Gabe's first words were...
"mom, where are my camo clothes?"
Please notice... the camo attire!

One day last week the kids and I headed over to the Rainey's for lunch and crafts.
The kids had a blast together!

Working hard...

The end result.... rings to count down the days until Jesus' birthday!

This is a bush that gets amazingly red in the fall.
Its in our back yard....
Hubs did a good job capturing it with these cute pics.

These boys had SO much fun together at the park!

These last pics are of last Friday evening.
It was GOOD.
We women decided it was high time for a ladies night out.
Grandma leaves for Florida next week so we decided to dine in style.
French Lick Resort...BABY!

After supper things got a little CRAZY!!!!
Yes that is my grandma!!!!!
I love this about her... she still has a wild side! hee hee

I feel much better....
This post was a long time coming... so glad its over.
Sorry its so long...
I am making a vow to do way better at posting!