Monday, October 15, 2012

Brown County Camping 2012

 Last weekend we took off for Brown County to do some CRAZY camping!
Friday night before Andre got home is was down pouring so we
ended up deciding to stay home and sleep in our dry warm bed for 
Friday evening instead.  However, there were some troopers in our
group who pushed through and slept in their tent with the rain...
Way to push through RAINEYS!!!!1

So Saturday morning we headed to the campgorund.
It was a funfilled weekend, but I will not lie it was freezing!
The kids never once thought about the cold bc they had so much
fun...and that is all that matters!

Gabe tells me that Copeland is his best buddy bc 
"he knows new things and he teaches them to me", no
pressure Ali and Beau but if they get into trouble we 
know who started it!!!
tee hee

   This was Ashers make-shift pack-n-play!

The crew getting ready to hike our first trail.

Hello Trail 6...

This is what the end of the trail had to share with us!

Love this kissy face!!!

Ella and Liam helped daddy put the tent up!

This is where the amazing food was served... HOT green tea

Mountain Biking time...

Playground time...

Yeah he can read!

Love watching these girls swing together..


These hobo's were some of the best I have ever had!
(ask Brandi or the recipe)

Miss Ava... "what happened?"

Waking up in the tent... yes we did sleep in all of these layers.
Did I mention it was COLD!

Sunday morning breakfast... mmmm... Good job boys!

Hot Chocolate was a hit!

Our crew... far away and a bit blurry.
The Knepps, Gishs, and Raineys 

Our Sunday hike..

love, love, love this one...

Miss Ella was loving some attention from Nathanial on our hikes.

Liam feel asleep and stayed sleeping in the carrier
 all the way back to the campsite. 

After the pony rides we ate lunch and then 
took off for home.  Memories were made!