Friday, August 14, 2009


Mom and dads house plans were approved on Monday
and the digging began yesterday!
The Lord is GOOD!

Gabe and Josh checking out the big hole!

Nanna and Ella enjoying the cool breeze and shade!
(gabe took this pic)

Gabe showing me he has the same toy digger!

Ella chewing on whatever she can get to her mouth...including a leaf!

Kisses from big brother...

This was actually taken Wednesday evening... discussing whats about to go down!

Gramma came to watch daddy ride his four wheeler and to ride with Gabe on his four wheeler.

Gabe and Nanno talking about boy things!

These last four pictures crack me up! I was laying in bed the other night and Andre came in and said.. "you have to see these pictures gabe took". They are hilarious and our poor dog is the brunt of them... sorry bruce!

what do you think bruce was thinking in this pic!!!!!!

and this one!!!!

Gabe built this wall all by himself and he was so proud....

a picture he took of his tall tower he made....

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

cutie patooties

Just hanging out these last two days, trying to find our way again. (without daddy, boo) Here are my most recent pics of the two sugars that i live with!

ella posing on the couch

gabe in his new helment
notice: naked booty = potty training in session

getting approval from nanno

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Crib for sale!

I have decided to part with the first crib we bought. I have fought with myself to keep it for sentimental reasons but we are out of storage room. So if anyone is in need of a crib and your little eyes like this one email me!

-its only two years old

-its offical name is a Da Vinci Systems Mini Emily Crib, just google this name and you will see what i am talking about

-we had to have a smaller crib for the appartment we lived in... this crib fit perfectly in our window doormer

-there you have it folks!!!

Friday, August 7, 2009

a couple of different events

Andre came home with this funny wig yesterday.
We had lots of fun with it! Here are some pics to show of it...

not to sure of it

hating it

this pic is just to hilarious

pic of daddy , compliments of gabe

On Saturday, my dad (Nanno) and my brother (uncle Josh) went to an auction and couldn't resist this:

gabes new ride

he loves it... he was being a trickster, riding it backwards

he climbs on it all by himself

he thought he was hot stuff... he has a fourwheeler like his daddy and uncle josh

pushing it all by himself

giving sissy a ride

daddy and gabe on their modes of transportation

While Gabe was taking a nap, i put Ella on the floor with her toys while i picked up the house. When i returned one time to check on her... this is what i found:

silly girl

trying to get bruce

Thursday, August 6, 2009

LIFE, in the view of Gabe

Gabe has been so interested in the camera lately, so i decided to let him play with it.... and this is what i found when i uploaded pic to the computer. I was actually impressed. It made me giggle as i looked at them..... to think this is how he sees life as a two year old. Sweet reminders!
our bathroom mirror

one of his toys


daddy and bo (bear)

his snack

more toys

his new big boy bed

sis and mommy

in the car (mommy loading him up)

sissy (his riding buddy)

bruce boy

sissy on the bar

daddy being silly

more toys

more toys

I hope you enjoyed looking through the eyes of little Gabe!