Tuesday, June 19, 2012

floating lanterns...

Last Thursday evening we celebrated our 
four year (wreck) anniversary
with floating lanterns...
It was a perfect way to remember the day 
the Lord spared our lives.

Monday, June 18, 2012

summer lovin...

 Car Washin Time...

Gabe's crazy hair....

 The car washing crew...

Sweet girly..

I love this picture.. she is more wet then she is dry!
And she is working so hard.

First Oreo...

First Visit to the Splash Park...
many more to be had!

Little man snoozin...

Buddies of ours.. 
Mr. Noah

Mr. Sam

These three are peas in a pod...
Copeland, Noah, Gabe

Silly crabs, leaving their trail!

My sweet baby..

Saving Food for Later...
check out his ear! 

Time spent in our own back yard!!!

Stopped watching this boy for a second and
 I looked back to find him
like this!!!!!

Ella using creativity, her flip flop was a boat!

Captain America riding a horse!

First time for wearing shoes..
at Montgomery park for a play date! 

These four have never all played together (bc of age difference), 
but on this day they did!  It was fun watching them but the mommas
were realizing, they are getting older.  Bitter sweet!

Fire fighters doing what they do...

First time for Spaghetti!!!

 Batman has been visiting recently, at in a moment I found him like this...
He says he was posing!