Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Ella turns FOUR!

My big girl wanted input on her birthday this year...
So I pulled up four different choices of themes and let her decide.
She chose the "glamping" which is a glamed up camping.
Camping had been on her brain since October.
We camped a weekend in Brown County in our tent.
(I might add that it was crazy COLD that first weekend in October, 
but the kids had no clue because they were having so much fun.)
She had never stayed in our tent because we always stay in Andre's parents camper.
She was pumped to stay the least.
So I am pretty sure thats why the glamping party appealed to her.

Glamping it was....
This was one of my favorites to decorate for, it was a rather low cost party.
Between the sticks from our backyard, cans that everyone donated, and the pinecones
I found in my parents yard... I didn't have to spend tons more on decorating.

We also decided to have it a the Club House, for more room.
On the day of her party I was so glad we did this because It had snowed SO much.
We would have had nowhere to park and snow all over our house.

So here it is... my Sweet Princess and her Glamping birthday.

Party decor....
My husband did a fabulous job of building these fun tents!

The food table....

The cake....

yummy marshmellow cream icing cupcakes....

The trail mix table...



Enjoying their mix...

 Ella and her camping baby..

mommy and her girlie...

The smore bar....

 Daddy making sure this really does work...


mommy fixing birthday girls hair...

Miss Brielle had a different Idea!

 Birthday Cake time....


 Daddy holding her hair away from the this picture.

 I love this picture too... I bought sparkling candles and had no clue 
they would be hard to blow out.  Every time she blew them out they would 
light back up... It was a fun twist!

 Liam trying to figure out why everyone was laughing...

Present time....

 The crew of kiddos...

Two cute girlies...

Four generations...
My grandma is usually never home for Ella's birthday because they go to 
Florida.  This year she was home because of her brother passing... sad 
circumstances to bring her home but, it was so nice having her home!

Our sweet little family...

We had a wonderful evening with our little girl.
Miss Ella I hope your mommy pulled through for you and 
gave you the camping birthday you wanted.
Love you big FOUR year old!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

December 27th 2012....

 On this day, FOUR years ago, 
I met my sweet little princess.
I will never forget that day.. 
I tried to labor all day on my own and 
we ended up in an emergency c-section.  
I know that this day 
let alot of people breathe so much eaiser...
Our little princess endured some crazy things in the womb.
(due to the wreck)
But I know that I know the Lord made her a fighter, 
she has proved that time and time again.
I am so excited to see what life holds for this precious girl.
This was how her fourth birthday unfolded...
When we were playing in the snow at my parents she said
"this is the best birthday ever!".
I told her she was pretty darn special because not many people get to 
play in the snow on their birthday!

She had this waiting on her when she woke up!
(I am pretty sure Liam liked this most!)




We made some pink cupcakes!!!

She iced them and sprinkled them by herself.
She loves helping in the kitchen.

 After nap, we headed to Nanna and Nanno's for some fun in  then snow.

We drove up the road to a snow drift...
I think daddy had more fun then anyone else!
Jumping into snow up to his waist.

Love the tongue....

Little man cracks me up!

After playing in the snow we warmed up with some yummy Mi Pueblo.

This was the first time she let them sing to her on her birthday!

She was a good sport...
Love this little thing.
I can't believe she is FOUR.
Yikes, where has the time gone!