Friday, November 9, 2012

College buddies...

 Andre went to Bethal College his freshman year.
While he was there he met one of his best friends, Jeremie.
They have kept in touch and we have visited each other on and off, 
but this visit was well overdue.  It had been two and a half years since we 
had seen each other. YIKES!
So last weekend we met up in Indy on Saturday morning and stayed with 
them at a hotel Saturday night, so we could do more visiting on Sunday.
It was a wonderful visit and we will not let two years pass again!
I did a terrible job at getting pictures.... eek.

Here are all of our kiddos ready to swim!
They have Addison (6), Gavin (4), Brenna (1)
Then there are our three.... which are 5,3,&1...
Its a crew, for sure!

 Liam and Brenna are exactly two weeks apart... they were fun to watch.
Thank you daddies for braving the COLD pool for our sweet munchkins!

We enjoyed some yummy pizza after our swim...

These girls had a blast together, but you would never know it from their facial expressions!

Thank you Adams' for a wonderful time.
We are looking forward to our next kids miss your kids!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Trick or Treating...

 This year our trick-or-treating was last minute and low-key...
After supper we headed out to hit a couple of our sweet neighbors.
The kids had a blast and racked up on the candy selection.
Oddly enough, there are very few pics this time.

Before we hit the road....
My Super Woman, Frog, and Knight

(sorry about the poor quality)

Loving our small traditions that have started!!!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Squeezing warmness out of Fall....

Gabe's School Party
Ella, Liam, and I went with Gabe's class (plus the other three classes)
 to trick-or-treat down town.
It was fun, but mighty cold.
With each place they stopped they sang a song.
Then came the best part...candy!

 Ella was right by Gabe each step of the way.
She is more then ready for school next year.

Liam and Ms Roci were having lots of fun building with blocks!

The whole crazy crew, plus some siblings.

These two buddies are inseparable!

                                       Every moment its possible we are outside these days.
The kids love to run around like crazy cats and I love
that they get out in the fresh air.
Liam is actually the biggest advocate, most days he stands by the front door
whining until I open it and let him see how cold it is.

This was one day that was not to bad so we played in some leaves!

Gabe's pumpkin... we let them draw any face they wanted
then Andre and I cut them out.
This was our first year for this and it was fun!
Gabe refused to stick his hand inside the pumpkin to remove the 
guts BUT not Ella.  She had a blast playing in the  slop!
We had to tell her to stop playing and come outside to see her pumpkin all lite up.

Ella's new trick... bouncing on her ball.

Sweet little dude....



These next pictures go down in my book as some of most favorite!
We were just playing around and Gabe and Ella wanted to take some pics.
All of them turned out so good and they will be ones I cherish forever!
Gabe took this one....

Ella took this one....

And she kept going... I have no idea why
 Liam was smiling so big
but I love it.

This one looks posed but of course it is not!!!!

And this one.......
I told Liam to stick his tounge out, I had no clue he would actually do it!
One of my all time favorite!

This one he is thinking "holy cow mom, you have a big ol tounge"!

Loving life with my sweet babies!!!!!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Fall much fun!!!

 The Knepp's hosted a Fall Party this year 
and I will admitt that I was more excited then the kids!
This was my first costume party as an adult...
( I know I live a wild a crazy life)
It was a fun-filled evening.

Here are my three cuties..
My princess, frog, and knight

My handsome cowboy!!!!

 Thanks pintrest for the fun ideas to make...

What a sweet little lion...

Tera and Alex dressed as two leaders of their church....
 They win the best costume award!!!

 All of the families...
I love that everyone participated!

All of the sweet kiddos...


 The fun and crazy mommas!!!!

The only bummer of the evening is that we had to be inside due to weather!
Other then that it was a night to remember.
Thanks Tera and Alex for some fun!!!