Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Catch up... Spring Fun!!!

 These are my babies playing around outside earlier this year...
Love them

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Celebration with family!

On Sunday evening we enjoyed some family time.
It was so perfect to have the two parties back to back because that means
this momma didn't do much for party #2!
We were even blessed to have 
Grandma Zetta home so she could 
be here with us!

My balloons were dead so instead of them floating we just hung them :)

Sweet Brynna...

 We really really really missed our Braylee.
She was at home not feeling well.

Love this one!!!!





 I laugh when I see this pic.
Look at Brynna, she is so worried for Ella.
Thats what Cousins are for.

I love Ellas face in this one... she was so excited for him to have a suitcase like her!

Testing out some presents...

My sweet Secret Agent

Sneaking cake...

The whole crew.. other then ty who took the picture!
LOVE these people.

Gabe decided to cut his cake and serve it to everyone!

Gabe turns SIX!!!

 Mr Gabe celebrated turning 6 with some of his buddies this year!
He had a blast and so did I.
We decided on a Spy theme, which is something he 
and his cousins/siblings play alot these days.
So on a Saturday afternoon this is what we did!

Each kid had a name badge that they had to put their fingerprint 
on it as they entered the Secret Agent Headquarters...

Gabe's cake... we went with the simple route!

We wanted the spies to know they were entering suspicious territory!

Agent Issac was the first to arrive!

Each Secret Agent had to wiggle themselves through the "lazers"...

Then they had to use their sharp minds to figure out what was in each balloon.
After (very quickly) figuring that out, they had to figure out how to get the candy out!

These Agents didn't mess around... 

Onto play time while we anxiously awaited two other Agents to join the party.

This is one Secret Agent I want on my team if there are ever any acrobatics involved!

Time for a refreshing snack and some green sugar juice!

Taking notes...


The sweet girls..

Love these little dudes... we are so BLESSED to
 have good little buddies that Gabe enjoys playing with.

Everyone was excited about presents!

Wrestle time with daddy...

 More lazer practice with the Merold boys...

I was blessed to see Gabe have a fabulous time with his friends.
Thank you Lord for another year with my sweet boy.
Happy Birthday Big Six Year Old!!!