Friday, October 22, 2010

Oh... to be a kid again!

It was a wonderful weekend at Springmill over the fall break.
We had a blast and just look at these pictures!
I bust a gut every time I look at them!
Love you guys....

PS... check out the facial expressions

Monday, October 11, 2010

This handsome brother....

made a trip to Evansville a little while back to buy a pretty shiny thing!
He was successful!
Look at that smile!

He definitely walked out a HERO!

Last Sunday, on bended knee, he asked a beautiful lady to be his wife!
She said yes, and so the PARTY begins.
This is me attacking them at our celebration dinner!

Isn't she beautiful....... and such a pretty shiny to show off!

And so the whirlwind here we come!
No other way to celebrate then Mi Pueblo style!

The date has been set for February 5th, 2011!
Thats right... four months and counting.
bridesmaid dresses-check
reception building-check
I am telling you people, this girl is amazing!
I am so excited to have you as a sister.
I know there will be tears when you walk down that aisle, wearing your amazing dress.
God is so good, and I see him blessing you and Josh already.
Keep it up girl and....... let the PARTY begin!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Visiting Uncle Adam and.......

His better half............ Tristen!

Last weekend we were "On the Road Again".
We headed out to Ohio to visit our beloved Adam and Tristen.
We arrived Friday evening and Adam met us at Eden Park.
It was so amazing. It overlooks the river and better yet they had
all kinds of stuff for the kids to climb on. Perfect, after just completing a
four hour drive!

loving all the attention...

UNDER DOG...........................

Yes this ol mamma can swing... and she loved it!
Oh to feel like a kid again!

While Gabe, daddy, and Adam played with a toy airplane...
Ella was busy making sure all the swings were swinging!
She did a great job at keeping them going!

Then it was bath time!

Saturday Morning we woke up to an Amazing breakfast...
Pancakes, Bacon, Eggs (cheesy ones)
Thanks you two for such a treat!

Then we had a tour of Mount Adams (Tristen lives here).

Then we were off to fly a kite!
They tried and tried and tried again....but no sweet success.
Gabe had a blast running around, behind daddy and Adam, in the big grassy open area.

Ella enjoyed some time to herself!

And finally the beautiful, Tristen!
She had to work late Friday night so we awoke to her
Saturday morning.

After there was no succes with the kite we headed over the
playground. As you can see daddy loved to play too!

After playing awhile we headed back to take naps.
And Saturday night we went out to Montgomery Inn to eat.
They had AMAZING ribs and somehow I have no pictures.
And get this, ALL of us were wearing bibs!
Ella and Gabe enjoyed seeing us adults with bibs.

Ella and Tristen making funny faces, while we relaxed in the apartment.

This pic was Sunday morning before we left.

Thanks again you two for a wonderful relaxing weekend.
We enjoyed every moment with you and hope to see you soon.