Wednesday, July 29, 2009

family photos

here are our fun family photos from vaction... enjoy!!!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Union Pier, Michigan and more...

Andre, the kids, and I started our vacation out with an overnight stay with my cousin Jonique. It was about an hour from our condo, so it was a nice break and a wonderful visit. Thursday evening the boys had fun playing together.

Micah (my cousin Justins oldest), Peyton (my cousin Justins youngest), Jackson (my cousin Joniques), and Gabe

The next day we drove about 30-45 minutes and found a zoo to go too! The weather was perfect and it was a great way to pass some time by... we were waiting on my parents to head north and we couldn't get into the condo until 4pm. Ella took a nap while Gabe enjoyed the animals.

This turtle was Gabes favorite! He could touch him so he was thrilled!

Friday evening I HAD to go see the lake and sand... Andre had to work on his online class so mom and dad went with me. This was the kids' first time to the beach! Gabe was unsure of it... and Ella loved the sand!

The boys bought two remote control boats thinking it would be fun to race them in the pool... Gabe had an absolute BLAST with them. Good purchase boys!

Gabe would run over daddy... he thought this was GREAT.

Gabe also enjoyed kicking the ball at daddy and making him fall down... this was andre's grand idea to get Gabe used to the sand.

Dad was trying to push Tyler in the water!!!! it was FREEZING!

Mommy and Ella...

Sibling love.... so sweet!

Uncle Josh and Gabe having a race!

Daddy dug Gabe a big hole to play in....

Ella loving the sand!!!

We went to race go-karts one night and Gabe found this motorcycle... he thought it was lots of fun.

Gabe and momma going "real fast" as Gabe told everyone!

Uncle Ty and sissy...

We buried daddy in the sand! Then mommy bribed him with things! he he

We headed out to the sand dunes to try some sand surfing.... well it didn't work like we thought it would. (more pictures to come... they are on my dads camera) but we enjoyed all of the sand!
Nanna and Ella sat by and watched...

The dunes....

Little stud riding on Nanno shoulders!

My two little sugary kids..... (professional pics to come)

Ella tackled Gabe for the first time... hehe

On Wednesday we had visitors... Jack came to play with Gabe. The boys discussing their escape route!

Jack and Gabe

Daddy throwing Gabe "real high"!

We had to check out of the condo on Friday so we headed to the outlets and then on to Goshen for the night. We enjoyed some more extended family time together Friday evening and Saturday.
My uncle Terry took us out for a cruise Friday evening. Gabe really enjoyed climbing all over the boat and Ella like the wind in her hair!

We had a wonderful time away from the real world! Now were back and trying to get into the swing of things!